Fund administration

Beside classic fund management, fund administration is a key component of the range of services offered by Gutmann Kapitalanlageaktiengesellschaft. Due to its close collaboration with outside asset managers and the open portfolio management architecture introduced in the mid-1990s, Bank Gutmann boasts long-standing expertise in this area. This expertise has also been instrumental to the successful collaboration with selected internationally recognised portfolio management experts under the direction of Bank Gutmann Kapitalanlageaktiengesellschaft.

The custodial bank services that are associated with fund administration are carried out by the parent company, Bank Gutmann AG, in a fully automated process. Gutmann is one of the leading centres for securities settlement and custody in Austria.

Due to the availability of this comprehensive range of administrative services, selected partners in the financial industry as well as private and institutional clients have quick access to "fund shells", including the associated administrative services, as one-stop-shop solutions. Among the key components of these comprehensive administrative services is fund construction tailored to meet client needs, ongoing quality assurance through risk management and access for clients to online reporting tools such as Gutmann Online Reporting and Funds Service.

Fund structuring

The staff’s long-standing experience combined with horizontal networking by executives involved in fund projects guarantee that services are provided flexibly, in an entrepreneurial spirit, and with strict quality assurance. Gutmann Kapitalanlageaktiengesellschaft supports investors in optimising the terms and conditions of the relevant fund documents and contracts as well as in formulating the investment policies of funds to their specifications. A key activity is co-ordination of the various parties involved, including especially fund managers, the investor's advisers, and the custodian bank. When special issues arise, a wide network of outside experts is available to contribute their expertise at short notice.

Risk management

A key component of fund administration is risk management. In addition to controlling risk as required under applicable law, Gutmann Kapitalanlageaktiengesellschaft, drawing on its long-standing experience, also provides institutional clients with special risk reports. This permits even more efficient control based on investor-defined return and risk parameters.


Through Gutmann Online Reporting, current portfolio and account information can be accessed at any time. This zone is protected by USER ID and password. It provides access to data on security holdings, turnover and value information. Up-to-date data are loaded with every log-in. Turnover figures are updated continuously.

The Funds Service receives all basic data from the fund accounting system. These basic data are updated daily. Fund information, asset breakdowns, currency, country and industry allocations, performance data, holdings and book values, and transactions carried out can thus be easily checked and are available also in Excel format. This service enables investors to access all fund assets online based on the calculation of net asset values.

On request, clients receive periodic fact sheets (e.g. by quarter/month) which can be produced to conform to a layout specified by the investor and are supplied electronically (pdf).

The services described are available for all relevant types of Austrian investment funds. As a “Master KAG” (investment company), the company boasts special expertise in segment funds allowing investors to name several managers for defined asset groups (segments) in one investment fund.