Disclosures relating to funds

This section contains disclosures required under the Austrian Investment Fund Act in electronic form.

Legal information

Disclosures required under the Investment Fund Act are published in Wiener Zeitung with a note to this effect. The date of publication shown on the website is the date of publication in Wiener Zeitung. Any legal effects of the disclosure enter into force as of this date.

The statutory disclosure requirements include in particular the original fund terms and issue prospectuses and any subsequent amendments thereto as well as the publication of half-yearly investment reports and financial statements, and any other changes affecting the funds.

Disclosures in Funds Service

All publications can be accessed in a separate section of the Funds Service. Current publications and the respective dates of publication are listed in the uppermost section. Clicking on the title of any publication will open a menu from which a pdf version of the publication can be accessed. A list of all investment funds to which the publication relates will be displayed as well. From the fund selected, a link will take the user to the Funds Service Infocenter, which provides details for each fund and all the relevant documents, including publications, for downloading.

Alternatively, all current publications for a particular fund can be viewed by selecting the fund in the bottom section of the page where all Gutmann KAG funds are listed for which publications are available.

Current publications in the Funds Service.